ZEBACUS Market Structure


A. Exchange (ZEBACUS): Is a crypto currency exchange that connects buyers and sellers to buy, sell, and trade different crypto currencies. This is a completely electronic exchange with an automated trading system. An Exchange's primary role is to provide an efficient trading platform with global standards and binding principles, as well as administrative services to its market participants and members. The exchange supervises, observes, and monitors market activity to ensure that trade runs smoothly and fairly. It is in charge of appointing Market Makers and Brokers. Another function of an exchange is to handle unresolved grievances at the Broker level. Exchange has a very efficient dispute resolution system in place, with conciliation and arbitration available for timely resolution of any trade-related issues.

B. Broker: A broker is an institution that has been licensed by the exchange and has the authority to introduce Sub-Brokers and Clients based on the Exchange's requirements. They function as a market facilitator for traders, giving advising services, keeping their clients up to date on any concerns about buying, selling, and trading possibilities, and managing grievances, finally linking clients with the Exchange.

C. Clients (Buyer, Seller, and Trader): Buyers, Sellers, and Traders are registered with the exchange through a broker/sub-broker and are able to purchase, sell, and trade the listed Crypto currencies. They can register with the exchange and transfer funds via the Exchange's numerous accessible ways.

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