The ZEBACUS Trader is an Exchange trading platform that strives to meet all the whims and fancies of the most finicky and tech-savvy retail trader. At the same time, the ZEBACUS trader platform also endeavors to be the ultimate management console for a typical financial trading service provider. In a nutshell, the ZEBACUS trader system is not just a simple trading platform, but a robust potpourri of hundreds of modules and components. These modules can be dynamically amalgamated to provide a wide range of customized solutions, catering to any type of business requirement, in the ever-changing world of financial trading.

Some of the salient features of ZEBACUS Trading Platform:

  • Highly Customizable Crypto Exchange Trading Platform
  • A fast and efficient Trading Platform with a thinking Cap
  • Intelligent Order matching and Order Routing
  • Multiple Platform Compatibility
  • Advanced Charts and Tools for Technical Trading
  • Algorithmic Trading for Institutional Investors


Hot Wallet

Hot Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is connected to the internet for a quick transaction. These wallets are easier to open, access, and make the transaction. As hot wallets are more susceptible to be breached, our exchange strictly follows the best international practices of handling hot wallets to ensure the security of data and capital. Moreover, our exchange adopts the policy of maintaining less than 5 percent of the fund in the hot wallets in order to avoid any misfortune.

Cold Wallet

The cold wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is not connected to the internet. Due to this feature, cold wallets are very secure and they don't accept Cryptocurrencies from other wallets directly. Most of the client’s funds, generally above 95 percent of funds, are stored in a cold wallet. Moreover, a multi-layered security protocol is used where every transaction is also verified manually by an exchange trusted employee (at least 2) in order to secure itself with maximum security. Private keys are the most sensitive set of data that is completely safeguarded in deep cold storage without any kind of internet connection.

2-Factor Authentication

In order to access the client wallet, the client needs to input two forms of password; one is their regular password and another one is the key generated in their mobile phone. This adds an extra layer of security in the client wallet which enhances the security features for the client. With the use of 2-factor authentication, users are able to protect their wallet even if their password is stolen.

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