ZEBACUS Privet Limited (“the Exchange”) is a digital asset exchange which operates its business through its website and various trading platform which can be used in various devices.

By accessing and using our website and the associated application program used in various devices such as desktop, laptop, and mobile you indicate acceptance to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Moreover, privacy policy indicates your consent to process your personal information and explain how the Exchange uses your Personal Data as you access our available digital asset trading platform which could be through our website, software, mobile devices or any other defined technologies:


“Personal information or data” means any information that the Company collects about your personal information while you visit our website, software, mobile application and/or other defined technologies. During the process of opening account with us, we collect your contact information including name, address, phone, email, national identity document, passport etc. Additionally, information regarding your transactions and trading; bank account; and information pertaining to your IP address and the device or computer used by you for the purpose also falls under personal information and data.


The Exchange can collect, processes, and stores Personal Data collected through various sources such as website, Software, mobile application and other applicable technologies in process of using our services from you will be regarded as given consent. This Personal Data may include name, address, phone, email, copies of national identity and passport provided by you or derived from publicly accessible databases, your government identification number as well as information relating to your device or internet service such as an IP address and a MAC number.

The collected information we get access in process of you using any of our services or technologies may be a completed, incomplete, or abandoned the process. The Exchange may collect, use, store, and transfer your Personal Data according to the applicable government act, rules and regulation. Following are the kind of your information we may collect, store and process:

  1.  Email address
  2.  Full name
  3.  Date of birth
  4.  Mobile number
  5.  Nationality
  6.  Residential address
  7.  Copy of Passport or government id
  8.  Passport number or government id number
  9.  Proof of residency
  10.  Additional requirement as per the need

The Exchange may use your personal data as per the requirement in order to communicate with you for various purposes to enhance and personalized the services delivered to you. The Exchange may also use your personal data with us for other product and services which may be offered by the Exchange or/and our partners. The Exchange will not share your private information with outside party other than partner which are associated with the product/service delivered to you. However, in course of creating, delivering, enhancing our product/services if it is required to share your personal information with the third party, we may share information with third parties. Moreover, in order to comply with the local act, rules and regulation with government authorities, law enforcement agency and/or judiciary department we may share your personal information. Furthermore, in the process of complying anti-money laundering, trade, and economic sanction and prevent any kind of illegal financing we may have to involved/use the third party in order to undertake due diligence on your personal data.


THE EXCHAGNE implement reasonable and appropriate data collection, storage and processing method and safety actions to protect against unauthorized infiltration of our registered customer details and data stored on our system. Personal data which is at risk of hacking is encrypted and protected with digital signatures. At the same time, the Exchange will not be liable for any kind of breach that happened not due to our carelessness and non-compliance with the associated law.


In an attempt to protect you from unauthorized infiltration and change of your personal data and information, the Exchange takes various industry standard security measures to ensure information security.


The personal information that we possess from you can be stored, transferred at a destination outside of your home country. The personal information data of yours could be handled by a person other than your home country citizen. Therefore, by agreeing with this privacy policy you agree to store, transfer, and process your personal data within our infrastructure or places/technology that the Exchange deems suitable.


You can request and access your personal information copy with us in order to check, verify about the up-to-date accuracy of your personal information. As per your personal updates and changes you can request to update your personal data and information with us. At the same time, you can also request to delete your any personal details other than the details that are required for us to save in order to comply with local rules and regulations. The request for access, correct and deletion of your data can be processed for free after the company is confirmed about the legality of your request. In case of a repetitive request for access, correction, and deletion of your personal data, the company can charge certain administrative fees from you.


We may use your personal data and information in order to communicate any of our promotional material which may be in various forms such as news, blog, market commentary, various publication, promotional offers, information related to marketing and promotion of our product and services. Such activities can be conducted by the company or/and third party and in order to facilitate such activities, we may have to share your personal information with the third party as well. Therefore, as you accept this privacy policy you agree to receive any promotional or marketing communication. However, client can always avoid such material by clicking unsubscribe if the material is sent through email or in other cases can request to the company. However, in the case of communication related to product/services that you are using, the information dissemination would be compulsory and you cannot choose to not receive such information.


As you open our website or use any of our software and technology some data will be saved in your browser and devices which is known as cookies. Such data saved on your browser and devices help us to identify our user, collect information about you which ultimately help us to enhance our product and services to better its quality and ensure the security of our product and services are not compromised. At the same time, we also ensure that such collection of personal information through cookie are in compliance with local act and regulations. You can always opt out of cookie with the help of setting in your browser and devices, however, in doing so some of the services and function may get affected.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “Privacy Policy Request”.


Any update regarding our Privacy Policy in the future will be communicated to you by email.