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Crypto investment funds break $100b aum worldwide for the first time

By Damilola Lawrence, Cryptopolitan

  • Global crypto investment products have surpassed $100 billion in AUM for the first time, driven by significant market inflows and gains.
  • New U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs, particularly BlackRock’s IBIT, have attracted over $2.2 billion in inflows in a single week.
  • CoinShares’ acquisition of Valkyrie Funds, including the BRRR spot bitcoin ETF, marks its expansion into the U.S. market.

Global assets under management (AUM) in cryptocurrency investment products have exceeded $100 billion, according to recent data from CoinShares. This achievement is highlighted by significant inflows into crypto funds and gains in the cryptocurrency market, propelling the AUM to a new record level. 

James Butterfill, CoinShares’ Head of Research, reported that total assets in digital asset exchange-traded products (ETPs) have surpassed the $100 billion mark for the first time. This milestone was reached shortly after global crypto funds broke the annual inflow record set in 2021, less than three months into 2024.

The remarkable increase in AUM is largely driven by the influx of investments into new spot bitcoin ETFs in the United States. These funds have attracted over $2.2 billion in inflows in a single week, with BlackRock’s IBIT spot bitcoin ETF alone receiving a daily record inflow of $849 million. This surge in investment has boosted the combined AUM of U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs to around $61 billion.

Record Inflows into Crypto Funds

2024 has seen a dramatic rise in inflows to digital assets ETFs/ETPs, breaking the previous record set in 2021. Year-to-date inflows have reached $12 billion, compared to the $10.6 billion recorded for the whole of 2021. The new U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs have been pivotal in this growth, with BlackRock’s IBIT ETF making significant contributions.

Earlier this week, CoinShares finalized its acquisition of Valkyrie Funds, including the BRRR spot bitcoin ETF. This move marks CoinShares’ expansion into the U.S. market, signaling a broader adoption of crypto investment vehicles by traditional asset managers. The U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs now hold a substantial portion of the global crypto AUM, highlighting the increasing interest and confidence of investors in the cryptocurrency sector.

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