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MetaMask Dominates The Market With Recent Collaborations

MetaMask, the custodian-wallet, has revealed some very interesting collaborations and integrations with its users recently.

By Ezra Icy, CoinGape

MetaMask is a popular custodial wallet widely used in the web3 ecosystem for crypto and NFTs. In an attempt to make advancements, it has accepted a few collaborations recently, which is building curiosity among users.

As the crypto market follows a bullish trend, a few things can help make the trading process seamless, such as better storage and security options for crypto. In this blog, we will discuss some recent MetaMask collaborations and how they are helpful.

MetaMask Collaborates With Revolut App

MetaMask announced their collaboration with Revolut App, a fintech application, on 6 March through an X post. This collaboration will make crypto buying easier for investors as they can easily buy crypto into the MetaMask wallet directly. This new effort is to make the transaction from fiat to crypto easier without involving many mediators. The transaction from MetaMask will be more pocket-friendly with its lower transaction cost. Here, the Revolut application will provide a breakdown of the charges, maintaining transparency between the platform and its users.

Lorenzo Santos, Senior Product Manager at Consensys, said that,

By teaming up with Revolut, we’re making crypto more approachable and less complicated. This partnership is really about giving our customers what they want — more control over their crypto, in a straightforward way, using platforms they already know and trust. It also plays a crucial role in fostering broader crypto adoption, opening up the world of crypto to more people

Interested people can choose to pay among the 18 fiat currencies listed in their Revolut application or the visa or MasterCard options. Here, the Revolut users won’t have to go through the unnecessary verification process for sharing pictures or selfies.

The users can buy more than 20 tokens with competitive transaction fees. The list of tokens includes popular cryptos like ETH, SHIBM USDT, UDC, 1INCH, etc.

MetaMask Mobile Integration With Ledger Nano X

MetaMask mobile has integrated with Ledger Nano X recently, where it is accessible to connect with both the Ledger Nanoo X and a QR code hardware wallet for improved security. Here, for better transactions, the users can connect to both the MetaMask Movole & MetaMask Extension.

It is like adding a new layer of security with the Ledger Nano X to the MetaMask wallet. It can help to deal with risks associated with hacks and thefts of private keys.

At the moment, this integration is supported for one account only. Users with multiple accounts should select a primary account first for the best services. The custodial wallet has plans to offer multi-account support in the upcoming days.

A few other things are also going on the side, such as its integration with Koywe to onboard crypto users from Mexico via SPEI or STP, Colombia via PSE, Peru and Chile via Khipu or Bank transfer, and lastly Argentina via Khipu. It is an initiative to offer seamless transactions across these five countries.


MetaMask has taken multiple steps to enhance its services in the last few days. It has collaborated with Revolut for crypto trading options, Ledger Nano X with enhanced security, and Koywe to onboard users from countries, like Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina. Read more about top cryptos for the start of the week.

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