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Polygon has formed its second significant partnership with the Indian government.

A 3-way partnership


The Indian government has partnered with Polygon and Airchains in order to develop a blockchain-based land ownership system. Under this agreement Polygon will closely collaborate with government bodies and stakeholders to explore and implement blockchain solutions across various sectors.


The primary goal of this partnership is to utilise Polygons' expertise in scalable blockchain infrastructure to enhance existing government initiatives and streamline operations. By integrating blockchain technology into critical systems.


Airchain, a prominent player in the logistics industry, will also play a vital role in the partnership between Polygon and the Indian government. With its expertise in supply chain management and logistics solutions, Airchain will collaborate with Polygon to streamline and optimise the movement of goods within the blockchain-powered ecosystem.


Two areas where blockchain provides the solution

Land document mutation is a real issue in India and can often lead to landowners unlawfully losing possession of their land. The implementation of a system based on the transparency of blockchain will aim to bring trust back into land ownership transactions.


An additional and exciting new development that can become a reality through blockchain is that of fractional property ownership. Once properly implemented, the door will be open for many citizens to be able to own a fractional share of land, something that was unthinkable not so long ago.


A Digital India

This collaboration aligns with the Indian government's vision of a Digital India by accelerating the country's journey towards digital transformation. Polygons' established reputation, technical proficiency, and commitment to scalability make it an ideal partner.


As demand for blockchain based solutions continues to rise, Polygon's infrastructure and expertise can play a crucial role in realising India's digital aspirations. This collaboration has the potential not only to unlock new possibilities but also drive innovation while establishing India as a global leader in blockchain technology.


By actively pursuing partnerships with prominent projects like Polygon the Indian government demonstrates its proactive approach towards embracing cutting edge technologies. Such collaborations foster cooperation, knowledge sharing, and innovation—an ecosystem that can keep India at the forefront of digital progress.


In its endeavour to further engage with the Indian government, Polygon aims to create ripple effects that surpass national boundaries. This distinctive partnership paves the way for other governments globally, exhibiting how blockchain technology can bring about transformative changes in addressing tangible obstacles and stimulating socioeconomic advancement.

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